“The Occult Section” is what many bookstores used to call what is now the “New Age” section. This section of course has books on all sorts of paranormal topics, like ghosts, ghost hunting, vampires, werewolves, Wicca, Tarot, Bigfoot, UFOs, books by “psychics,” and all manner of weird and wonderful stuff.

The Occult Section started out as a regular column on my very first paranormal website TheUnexplained.net, where I reviewed books on all things paranormal, supernatural and unexplained. Eventually it grew to cover television shows and news articles on paranormal topics. A few years back I joined a paranormal investigations group, and closed down TheUnexplained.net in order to focus on ghost hunting. We decided to resurrect The Occult Section as this blog, and it is now the official blog of our group, the New York Paranormal Society. Being paranormal investigators, we have some unique insights and behind the scenes knowledge about a lot of what goes on in this field. So we tackle the topic with a healthy dose of humor and sarcasm. But occasionally we do take things seriously. Enjoy!

-Jason Stroming

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  1. I thought your review and comments of Grants leaving Ghost Hunters is on target! I used to be a big fan of that show and now find it boring with suspect content. What happened to their objectivity….its really not the bucks as much as a lack of interest on their part…maybe burn out. In any case I hope that your group can maintain its objectivity and continue a valuable service to the field of para-psychology! There is still so much to learn and I believe as we continue understand the realm of physics and how it applies to our everyday life we will gain more understanding.

  2. well. i think that is bull crap that he is leaving. he was my fav. and now its going to be boring to watch…. grr all way i guess just i’ll go back watching ”Ghost Adventures!”

  3. Here in England we had our own version of Ghost Hunters which consisted of a husband and wife team, the wife taking the lead. Their programme went on for hours supposedly live. The contents of the programme was in the main the wife screaming at the top of her voice and nothing much else. It was so refreshing to us when we found Ghost Hunters, a really sensible investigation of various unexplained activities, however I do agree that the show change and gradually lost most of its credibility. So we no longer watch it which is very sad as there are no other programmes of Ghost Hunters previous intellectual standard on British television currently Sincerely Barbara

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