WikiLeaks’ UFO Cables Not What They Seem?

By now we’ve all heard about the supposed UFO “revelations” that were uncovered by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. From the get go, this had “exaggeration” and “reading too much between the lines” written all over it. Of course UFO groups and conspiracy theorists jumped all over this and were hoping this would be the Holy […]

Julian Assange’s secret backwards messages about UFOs

I love stories like this, mostly because of how ridiculously ludicrous they are. I honestly believe that if you listen to audio of anyone talking backwards long enough, you’re bound to hear something that sounds like an actual sentence. especially if you’re like, you know, expecting to hear something. So now, UFO Digest is reporting […]

UFO Wikileak cable revealed?

I’m a little suspicious of this story, as I am of any story where there is no proof to back up the claim. I know, call me crazy if you must. But I hate stories like this, where it basically amounts to someone swears a friend of their cousin’s girlfriend heard somebody say something about […]