Massachusetts Law Rules in Favor of Ghosts

The great and glorious Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ laws about “stigmatized” properties was recently discussed on the Boston Glob Globe blog: The well maintained 4 bedroom Colonial in a North Shore suburb with a great backyard looked nice enough thought “Debbie,” the buyer. However, she was dismayed to learn from neighbors after closing on the property, […]

Haunted home offered on eBay

A man in New Mexico, who believes his house is haunted, is offering the property up for sale…on eBay. The story has attracted nationwide attention, most likely due to the owner’s calculated decision to offer the home up during the month of October (the auction ends on Halloween). There is no question about that, and […]

Breaking lease can cost you, even if unit is haunted

What do you do if you sign a lease for an apartment, but then want to break the lease because you believe the apartment is haunted? The term for a property that is believed to be haunted is as a “stigmatized property,” and genereally, realtors, homeowners, and landlords are not required to release information of […]