Roswell’s UFO Fest receives $150,000 in city funds

A few months back, I reported on a crisis in Roswell, NM: city officials were going to pull the plug on the annual UFO Festival. A few weeks later, I reported how such musical luminaries as Billy Ray Cyrus and Phil Vassar had pulled out of the festival, afraid that they might not get their […]

Roswell May Pull The Plug On Funding For UFO Festival

The Associated Press is reporting that city officials in Roswell, New Mexico, may be eliminating funding for the town’s annual UFO Festival. Roswell, of course, is the town in which a UFO supposedly crashed in July of 1947. Mac Brazel found the wreckage on his farm, and the Army sent Major Jesse Marcel out to […]

Haunted home offered on eBay

A man in New Mexico, who believes his house is haunted, is offering the property up for sale…on eBay. The story has attracted nationwide attention, most likely due to the owner’s calculated decision to offer the home up during the month of October (the auction ends on Halloween). There is no question about that, and […]