Woman Claims to Own Haunted Toaster – Video

So here is the now-infamous video from the “Today” show on NBC from 1984. I know a lot of paranormal fans out there are laughing at this now, but are we any better these days? People taking pictures of dust and claiming the orbs are ghosts, manipulating static with audio enhancement software to the point where it […]

Strange Scent Haunts NBC Studio as Roker Fetes Mystery Novel

Is anyone else even remotely concerned that Al Roker has written a book called “The Morning Show Murders”? Er, foreshadowing, anyone?….Nah, I’m just bustin’ his chops. And I immediately apologize for using the phrase “bustin’ his chops.” I’m not cool enough to be talking like that. Anyway. Al Roker has written a murder mystery book, […]

Megan Fox is Afraid of Ghosts

The economy, health care, and Afghanistan…all important topics, but according to news searches, the fact that Megan Fox is afraid of the dark and ghosts supersedes all other stories – though it is the Halloween season so I suppose it’s okay… September 25, 2009 (Splash News) – If you haven’t had enough of Megan Fox’s […]