Haunted House Called “Hazardous” By Injured Girl’s Father

These days, it seems as though people can’t just accept things that happen for just being what they are: accidents. Someone is always to blame, and everyone is looking to make a quick buck off of things. In truth, sometimes shit just happens and it sucks. I broke my foot last summer after a nasty […]

New Jersey Man Sues Pennhurst Haunted House

A few years back, we blogged about Pennhurst Asylum being turned into a haunted house Halloween attraction, and the controversy that surrounded it. And the controversy was well deserved. Ethical questions arose regarding turning a former asylum where patients were horribly mistreated into a campy Halloween attraction to make money. Now, a New Jersey man […]

“The House Isn’t Haunted, You Nitwits”

The Spencer Mountain Mansion, located in North Carolina, is reported to be haunted. Not only is it reported to be haunted, but it has been turned into a Halloween season attraction, complete with a website that includes dripping blood. Classy. At a time when the paranormal is so “in” that logic is so often tossed […]

Things that go ‘bump’ in your house

We at the New York Paranormal Society are obviously interested in all things paranormal. So when I found this article, I got a bit of a tickle out of it. The scariest thing about spooky occurrences in your home, according to Consumer Reports?? Increased utility bills! Oh no! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!!! Kitchen doors and cabinets […]

Haunted House Attractions: To Go or Not to Go?

When I was really little, the annual trip to the local haunted house attraction, put on by a nearby Montessori school, was at the top of my must-do list.  I would get myself in the mood for the big event by watching The Worst Witch for the zillionth time, anxiously awaiting the most amazing musical […]

Haunt Jaunts & Weekly Spectre

We usually deal with real-world paranormal phenomena here at The Occult Section, but we’ll be doing things a little differently for October. We’ve teamed up with Courtney Mroch of  Haunt Jaunts and Dinell Lamb Holmes of Weekly Spectre for the Spooktacular Halloween Blog Party, a month-long blog celebration of Halloween. So we’ll be featuring some other […]

Insure Your Haunted House this Halloween

Fun fact: there are apparently insurance policies created especially for those who own “haunted houses.” We all know the type: a big house filled with spooky imagery, scary music, and people jumping out of dark corners to scare the sillies out of you. Well I found this press release that details why one insurance company […]