‘Judge Larry’ to consult with the paranormal on ‘Psychic Court’

How did I know the super dramatic judge from Anna Nicole’s whole mess of a court case wanted his own TV show? I MUST BE PSYCHIC. “Judge Larry” may have landed his long-awaited TV show. “Psychic Court” will take litigants and viewers into the world of the paranormal. After gaining national notoriety for his emotional […]

Was Voyager 2 hijacked by aliens?

Recently, NASA has been having some trouble with the Voyager 2 spacecraft, which was launched in 1977 with a message to aliens telling them about us here on Earth. Anyway, recently there have been garbled messages coming back from the craft, which NASA could not explain. So of course, one UFO nut goes and ruins […]

Casting Call: MTV’s True Life – I Have a Paranormal Ability

If you aren’t tan enough to be Snooki, or skilled enough to be a Survivor, but you DO see dead people….then MTV’s True Life is looking for you! If you are desperate to become a reality TV star (if only for one episode) but your only talent is in dealing with the paranormal…then please, answer […]