“It’s Like an Octopus” says grandmother of a Ghostly Groper

We’ve come across some pretty, er, frisky ghosts lately. Must be something in the ghost water…at any rate, here’s a story out of England. Enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing the Google image search for an appropriately related picture. A British grandmother claimed that she cannot sleep at night as she is plagued […]

As awesome as it is, in the end, it’s just matrixing

I was perusing around for something fun to blog about and came across this interesting story. A woman walking in England caught a photo of a cloud formation that looked very much like a face. It was excitedly reported thusly: Hallowe’en isn’t until the end of the month – but this spooky cloud formation made […]

England’s ‘most haunted house’ up for sale

I love these kind of stories! It’s fun to dream about owning an actual haunted house. Like, I live in an old NYC apartment (with a clawfoot bathtub!) and the only thing this place is haunted by is the chilling yowls of my bipolar cat. Anyway, if you have £375,000 to spare ($577,474 in US […]

Wem Ghost is fake; a town scrambles for new reasons for people to visit

As a photographer and paranormal researcher, I take great personal interest in the supposed phenomenon of catching a ghost in a picture. (Examples of previous posts are here, here, here, here, here, and here). While many theories abound, and many people are convinced certain photos are genuine, there is no photo that exists that has […]

Peter Jackson’s ghostly encounter

So many jokes to crack, so little time. Jokes about hobbits and ringwraiths and Gollum. Peter Jackson, who now looks like a ghost of himself circa 2003, is telling his story of his exprience with a screaming female ghost over 20 years ago. “I woke up one morning and there was a figure in the […]