Things that go ‘bump’ in your house

We at the New York Paranormal Society are obviously interested in all things paranormal. So when I found this article, I got a bit of a tickle out of it. The scariest thing about spooky occurrences in your home, according to Consumer Reports?? Increased utility bills! Oh no! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!!! Kitchen doors and cabinets […]

Teen Girls Chased by Black Panther

Usually cryptozoology (defined as the study of unknown animals) deals with phenomena like Bigfoot, lake monsters, chupacabras, and other such mystical beasts. But an offshoot of cryptozoology is “out of place animals,” animals that are scientifically known to exist but showing up in very unusual places. There are thousands of reports of out of place animals, […]

Do Animals have a ‘Sixth Sense’ About Earthquakes?

Following the recent tragedy in Haiti, as well as an earthquake in California, the question of animals and their ability to predict impending disaster is being discussed once again. It’s an interesting topic and seems to be more a matter of an animal’s ability to use their mind in ways that humans can’t (don’t they […]