The Year In Review: 2017

And just like that, it’s 2018. The past year was a bit of a wild ride for the world, and unfortunately I didn’t get around to posting much on the blog, for a variety of reasons. I’m really not big on the whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing, but I really do need to make a point of writing more. I miss it. It’s just hard to find the time, or inspiration, sometimes. But I did manage to crank out a few stories this year, including a first for me: finding a paranormal television show that I actually like. And it’s on Destination America. The east coast has frozen over, and I guess Hell has too. So let’s take a look back…

2017 Year in Review

Well that’s a first…

I’ve done a lot of reviews of paranormal TV shows over the years, but I think this year is the first time I found a show I actually liked and had no major issues with. I really liked A&E’s The Lowe Files, but a half-hour running time and too much of a focus on extracurricular shenanigans really hurts the show, overall. Still better than most of the other stuff out there. And the key word there is most. The horse to bet on, for me anyway, is Terror in the Woods on Destination America. Unlike a lot of shows on that particular network, the show is very simple and not melodramatic. Just people telling their stories of encounters with the paranormal, in the woods, of course. There are recreations, and it’s sometimes obvious that the recreations take a few creative liberties to fill in some blanks, but overall it’s a great show to watch to just hear scary stories from regular folks. No frustrated actors, no ghost hunters more interested in fame than researching the paranormal. Just a great paranormal show. Highly recommended.

Our Biggest (Non) Story

Ghost Hunters new channelWay back in 2016, it was announced that the venerable Ghost Hunters would not be returning to the SyFy Channel, ending its 11-season run. Rumors swirled and people debated whether it had been canceled or if Jason Hawes and TAPS had just decided not to return to SyFy. A return was promised though, but Hawes would not say where to.  In September of 2017, Hawes announced (again) that Ghost Hunters would be returning, but was very vague about minor details, such as where and when it would return. He also gave a pretty lame excuse as to why they chose not to stick with the SyFy Channel, which basically amounted to him being insulted that SyFy had the nerve to air other paranormal TV shows. Jealousy and territoriality in the paranormal field? Say it ain’t so! Anyhoo, Jason has been keeping busy by being cutting edge and ahead of the curve, by co-hosting his own paranormal radio show. Still no news on what media format Ghost Hunters will take when it returns, as apparently it could be TV, internet TV, radio, podcasts, motion pictures, Star Trek holodeck programs, or perhaps even Morse code. I, for one, won’t be holding my breath, though.

Top Search Keywords

1. “mountain monsters”: Champion yet again in 2017, searches for the show Mountain Monsters (or some variation on it, including the cast or regarding whether it’s fake or not) leads the top keyword search list for 2017. This show is apparently very popular, and I’m guessing the new dramatic story arc last year about the Rogue team has roped in even more dullards who believe anything they see on TV and those of us who enjoy watching the scripted equivalent of a train wreck.

Brian Harnois, from the Syfy Channel TV show Ghost Hunters and former TAPS member, is accused of stealing money from fans

2. “brian harnois”: The dude runs up to the #2 spot this year, even outperforming “ghost hunters.” Not sure how that happened, as I haven’t heard anything about him in a few years now. Brian has always been a controversial figure in the paranormal world, and is pretty much the poster boy for what paracelebs should avoid at all costs.

3. “ghost hunters”: Because some gullible dullards prefer paranormal investigators who don’t wear overalls and eat roadkill, people have been Googling and Googling in desperation, hoping for any news of the return of their beloved Ghost Hunters. Hey, some people enjoy their hoaxing to be a little more cerebral, I guess.

4. “best bigfoot movies”: Ahh, finally a respectable search! I’m glad to see the big fella get the recognition he deserves. There are lots of great Bigfoot movies out there, and my personal favorites are The Legend of Boggy Creek, Exists, and Willow Creek. Great stuff.

5. “ryan buell arrested”: Ryan Buell of Paranormal State got himself into a heap of trouble back n 2016 when he was arrested for felony theft and possession of stolen property. Oh, and it also came out (via a Facebook post from his mother) that he faked that whole “I have pancreatic cancer, please feel sorry for me” thing. And he also has a pretty serious drug problem. Gotta feel bad for a dude who can’t even fail as well as Brian Harnois. Well, not too bad.

People Actually Used These Keyword Searches To Find Our Site

1. “meth and occult”: Because when you’re summoning a fiery demon from the underworld, it’s fun to be completely fucked up on some crystal meth.

cropsey, staten island, andre rand, willowbrook, seaview, csi2. “staten island devil worshipping”: This may seem silly, but there are long-standing rumors of Satanic cults operating on Staten Island. Depending on who you talk to, these rumors are completely false, or terrifyingly true. I’ve never seen any evidence of it here, but watch “Cropsey” and some of the local law enforcement’s comments on the topic are vaguely disturbing. And just to set the record straight, Staten Island has a heroin problem, not a meth problem. So this is completely unrelated to #1.

3. “hunter ghost”: Rule 34 in all its glory. If you’re into watching a Dave Tango lookalike banging and Amy Bruni lookalike, well, you’ve come to the wrong site. But rock on, dude.

4. “occult naked”: There are many lonely people out there. Maybe I should start a nudist-only paranormal team? Get naked and do some meth while we summon demons.

5. “how muchmdoes jacob lowe weigh”: A LOT.

Happy New Year, all!

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