Woman Haunted by Fishy Smelling Ghost

How could I not blog about this? Some woman in England claims that she expereinces a bad fish smell right before anything bad happens. Oh, and that when she takes pictures in old buildings, she captures orbs! How remarkable! From The Inquisitor, with all of their signature non-proofread reporting intact.

Bad fish smell alerts woman to ghosts
Wow you caught orbs? You’re in an exclusive club called “everyone!”

The living are often alerted to a ghostly presence by footsteps, knocking on walls or ceilings, objects that seemingly move by themselves and occasionally actually seeing the ghost, but smell?

Well, United Kingdom Ghost Hunter Laura Dickson, 27, is actually alerted to a ghost by smell, a ghost smell that she believes has been following and haunting her since she was about 10, the ghost tagging along a “fishy smell,” reports the Daily Mail.

Sounds revolting and scary at the same time, Ms. Dickson’s fishy-smelling ghost. But what makes the ghost really more frightening is that the “fish smell” may actually be that of death, fear. and foreboding, since these are feelings that accompany the smelly-fish ghost for Laura Dickson, forewarning her of bad events to follow.

“The (fishy smelling ghost) always appeared right before something bad happened,” said Dickson.

“Ever since I was little, I’ve sensed spirits around me. I’d pick up on presences in the room and the fishy smell would come as a warning.”

The ghost, along with its fishy smell, has preceded tragic events in Laura Dickson’s life, such as when she found out a family friend was dying or that her grandmother had just been rushed to the hospital.

“I remember one time my mum rang to tell me about a close relative who’d been rushed to hospital after suffering a stroke,” said Dickson.

“In a way, the (fishy smelling ghost’s) whiffy warning had helped prepare me.”

So instead of fearing the fishy smelling ghost, especially now that it has been following her for 10 years, Laura Dickson has now learned to embrace it, heeding the ghostly fishy smell as a warning that trouble is near while also becoming a ghost hunter, according to Metro.

In other words, when life hands you a smelly ghost, become a ghost hunter.

As a ghost hunter, Laura Dickson is also able to put her passion for photography to work, particularly taking pictures of old buildings.

“I often visited old buildings to take photos. I noticed a number of my pictures were covered in light orbs. When I researched it online, I learnt that some people believe it indicates a spirit present in the picture. This made me think, ‘I’m going to catch more than light orbs’, so I continued scouring old buildings, snapping away.”

While one of the few female ghost hunters in the U.K., Laura Dickson believes she is also one of the few to capture an image of the ghost of a monk in Kent.

Last year, Dickson was taking pictures at St. Peter and St. Paul church in Borden, Kent, when a phantasmic ghost-like figure appeared before disappearing.

“In one of the pictures, a ghostly figure was standing in the window of the church. I glance up and the ghost disappeared,” explained Dickson.

“I made my way home and uploaded the pictures onto my laptop. As I zoomed into the image I noticed it looked like a monk, (and doing) some research, discovered the church was founded by monks hundreds of years ago… I realised it must have been haunted by them and I’d caught one on camera.”

A photo expedition to Hastings Museum in 2011 also led to some intriguing ghost photos for Dickson. While not smelly fish ghosts, Dickson does believe she captured an image of a girl ghost, in the upper right of the frame, that is accompanied by some ghostly orbs.

While some explain away Dickson’s ghost images as just tricks of light, the ghost hunter is proud of her efforts and confident in her results.

“I couldn’t believe I’d managed it, but I know it’s a real ghost. And it’s just made me even more determined to catch spirits on camera… I suppose you could call me a real-life ghost hunter.”

I think if she had done a little more “research” online, she would have realized that dust orbs are NOT ghosts. They are pretty well-documented as being…well, dust orbs.

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