Mountain Monsters: Fakest of the Fake Paranormal Shows?

Mountain Monsters cast - Destination America
Who wouldn’t trust what these fellas had to say?

My 7-year old son, God bless him, has recently taken an extreme interest in the paranormal, just like his dad. He’s got a bunch of age-appropriate books on the subject, with Bigfoot and ghosts being his favorite phenomena, but finding appropriate TV shows for him to watch is tough. He loves Finding Bigfoot and MonsterQuest, but some of the other shows (namely Monsters and Mysteries in America) are way too scary for him, mainly due to the realistic recreations.  Recently he’s gotten into Mountain Monsters, and I’ve had the unfortunate task of watching these episodes with him. Why unfortunate?

Look, I know that paranormal shows are embellished at best and blatantly faked at worst. And I’ve been diligent on reminding my son of such facts. Creative editing or downright hoaxing, the shows are meant to provide entertainment, and are not an accurate portrayal of investigating such phenomena. And my son gets it. While watching most of the shows, I can see his young brain working, his little bit of critical thinking where he tries to figure out what something could be, rather than what the show is blatantly telling us something is. But he also has a healthy dose of suspension of disbelief. For most of the shows. But with Mountain Monsters, even the 7-year old is not fooled. Not for a minute.

I’m not even sure where to start with this show. The easiest criticism would be to mock the bearded Hillbillies who “investigate” the aforementioned monsters. But hey, I’m open-minded, and freely accept that backwoods hill folk can be good investigators. Unfortunately, these are not them. And of course most of the team members all have funny nicknames. The leader is John “Trapper” Tice. The rookie is Jacob “Buck” Lowe. Joe “Huckleberry” Lott runs around with a gun (not that that really differentiates him, but he doesn’t seem to have a “thing”). William “Wild Bill” Neff builds the traps and spews Larry The Cable Guy quotes ad nauseam (he must hold the record for saying “Git ‘er done!” the most times in a 44-minute span), with fellow trapper Willy McQuillian (I guess it would have made too much sense for him to be nicknamed Trapper?). Oh and some guy named Jeff Headley pretends to take notes in a tiny norepad while interviewing fellow illiterate hillbillies. Likable fellows they all seem to be, but they are not good investigators. Frankly, the show just perpetuates terrible stereotypes of the Appalachian people. If only that were where the problems ended…

Destination America
Wild Bill, no doubt in the middle of saying “Git ‘er done!”

I know the trend these days is for something exciting to happen on each episode of any given paranormal show. Remember when most episodes of Ghost Hunters had Jason Hawes saying they had no real evidence and couldn’t call a place haunted? Yeah, I can barely remember either. Most episodes of Finding Bigfoot find the team hearing some sort of weird knocking or howling. But even these shows don’t claim, in almost every episode, to have been touched or attacked by a Bigfoot. Oh no. Yet the Mountain Monsters team claims to have captured some of these creatures, most notably the chupacabra. Which was then freed from its cage (which was all wooden planks, obscuring the view of the elaborate puppet elusive creature captured inside) by none other than Bigfoot himself. I kid you not, the team claims, on video, in a very serious fashion, that the captured chupacabra let out a howl, which Bigfoot realized was a distress call, which prompted him to run to the rescue of his pet chupacabra. It was theorized that Bigfoot uses the chupacabras as “scouting dogs.” I am not making this up. In another episode, in which they were hunting a black beast/devil dog sort of creature, they also concluded that Bigfoot was assisting his pet devil dog.

The evidence that is collected on the show…good God. Mostly-obscured puppets, special effects that would make folks at the SyFy Channel giggle, and “eyewitness” videos that are quite obviously faked, and not even with a tried and true gorilla suit. Maybe fur coats? I never thought a blobsquatch could ever looks so fake. Some of the alleged trail cam photos are so poorly PhotoShopped that they are jarring.

Kind of like this, only worse…

As for the actual investigations themselves, what can I say? I’ve seen these armed men (let me reiterate – armed men, like with hunting rifles and shotguns) get attacked by the supposed creatures they are hunting numerous times over numerous episodes, and yet I have not seen a single shot fired yet. Hunters, an ex-Marine (so he says), and not one of them has ever taken a shot. Again, I know it’s a fake show and all, but at least give me a somewhat plausible reason to suspend my disbelief. If you’re using re-purposed Muppets and CGI from the early 90s, why not put some blanks in the guns?

Oh. And when they do find “evidence” of something, they get scared and leave. One episode (and again, I kid you not) shows the team stumbling upon what appears to be a Bigfoot burial ground. Just out in plain sight, on someone’s property. Yes, complete with stone circles and 10-foot long graves. The team starts digging to find bones, I suppose, and then are scared off (so they run about 10 feet away from the burial ground, to go do their interviews) by some clearly faked howling sampled from an episode earlier in the season. Then the show ends. They do not come back during the light of day, with, you know, actual scientists, or anyone useful for that matter. Again, points even my 7-year old son found odd. In another episode, after “capturing” a chupacabra (and subsequently witnessing its rescue by Bigfoot), the team just shrugs their shoulders and moves on. No suspension of disbelief here. I just can’t believe Destination America is airing this. And still people ask: “Is Mountain Monsters fake?”

If you like shows where stereotypical Hillbillies pretend to chase mythical animals who keep other mythical animals as pets, then this is the perfect show for you. But overall, this program is an all-out assault on the intelligence and sensibilities of any normally functioning, breathing human being over the age of 4. But it does give my son and I a lot of chuckles, so I guess because of it’s absurdity, it is a bit entertaining. Or perhaps my IQ is dropping faster than I thought…

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141 comments on “Mountain Monsters: Fakest of the Fake Paranormal Shows?

  1. Well written and hilarious. I watch the show because I love to laugh and it entertains me how bad it is. However, as your intelligent son illustrates for us, it has BAD examples and can be a shame to watch. The way those men handle firearms is worse than a bunch of kids playing with sticks. The swearing is awful–you let your SEVEN YEAR OLD listen to that?!

    1. Thank you! It is pretty entertaining, in that “it’s so bad it’s good” sort of way. My son and I see it as riffing fodder, like MST3K. The show is pure fiction and offers nothing to the field.

      As for the swearing, it’s basic cable. The most egregious stuff is bleeped out, and whatever is left it nothing worse than he’d hear at school or in a PG movie. I’ve taught my son well, and he doesn’t repeat the bad words. It was one of his criticisms of the show, actually 😉

    2. And you call yourself a “reverend”. YOU’RE the fake you dork ass. How DARE you judge these men as “fake”. It’s called RE-AL-I-TEE tv. Which means it’s true. Why do I say it’s real? Because calling it reality and it isn’t, is called false advertisment. Soooo, say what ya’ll want with your “witty and crude” comebacks, but, if you can PROVE beyond a shadow of doubt, that it’s fake, then do that, PROVE IT! It’s called put up or shut up!

      1. You believe all reality shows? Please do not vote, handle weapons, or drive. The nice men in the white coats will be there soon.

      2. Put up or shut up? how about you PROVE that it is real. The only thing I can say is that they are very creative as far as creating traps out of natural resources. That is cool. But there traps don’t seem to work. They have great imaginations. Just like my boys who are 11 and 8 years old.

        1. in the cave monster scene where they actually have footage of it sitting there looking at them ,well if you notice as the camera man is filming them walking towards where they saw it ,hes filming them walk towards the camera so the camera man is in the exact spot it was sitting so why didnt it get him

      3. The Easter Bunny lives at the bottom of our garden and have it on very good authority my grandmother is The Tooth Fairy! Prove me wrong!

        That isn’t how you spell reality- try GULLIBLE. It’s a SCRIPTED REALITY SHOW… Most of them are and designed for entertainment purposes only.

      4. Hate to bust your bubble, but all you have to do is read the closing credits. You have to pause your DVR to do it, because they flash by. It clearly states that “No animals were hunted or trapped” during the filming. Furthermore, you might want to note that no matter what state they claim to be in, the credits state “Filmed in West Virginia”. Yes, that Cherokee mind controlling beast in North Carolina (my personal favorite) was somehow filmed in West Virginia. Go figure!

  2. It is what it is and strictly for entertainment is what it is.

    I watched my first episode of Mountain Monsters last year and was blown away at the amount of foolishness I had just witnessed. I thought, “I’m never watching this garbage again.”

    Now, I find myself DVRing the crazy show every Saturday night. Yeah it’s completely over the top, but I suppose that’s why it has grown on me.

    1. It’s definitely a good guilty pleasure type show to have on in the background, or just to watch when there is nothing else on. But as far being anything besides pure fictional entertainment, it fails miserably.

  3. Hey Stranger! Long time no see! I was cleaning up links on my Link List and ended up having to redo the whole thing. As I was doing it I came across your site again and remembered fondly when I had hours each day to devote to Haunt Jaunts and all the blogs I used to follow religiously. This brought back such great memories…except I’m frightened how far-fetched the paranormal reality TV shows have gotten. We ditched cable a couple years back so…I don’t know what’s on anymore. But I do know I would’ve made fun of this…except not near as well as you did. Bravo! I’ll try not to be a stranger anymore but…my time management has suffered a bunch lately! Glad to see you’re still doing what you do!

    1. Hey Court! Same here, I haven’t been blogging at all since December. Part of it was just other things in my life getting in the way, but a big part was just paranormal burnout. Even though I make fun of a lot of the terrible and ridiculous stuff in the paranormal world, even I needed a break from it. And as you can see, things haven’t gotten any better on TV! And yeah, don’t be a stranger! Our little niche is much better with you and Haunt Jaunts in the mix!

  4. I don’t think it’s intended to be a serious “reality” show…it’s strictly for entertainment…and a guilty pleasure just for laughs…like a follow commenter said…it is what it is…although we all the swearing..not sure I would let a 7 year old watch

  5. I live in West Virginia and these guys really give this State a bad light. Not everyone has a beard and no teeth or a brain. These ridge runners couldn’t catch a cold if it was in a jar with a sign on it. The witnesses they have on these shows look just like they do and live in nothing but shacks in the boonies. The elaborate traps they build must cost somebody a lot of money. Who pays for them? I don’t think this group has the intelligence to think of making these traps on their own.

    If you want to find some real monsters just go to Charleston and visit the Capitol building these are plenty of monsters there.

    1. I agree, they really do paint the residents of the state in a bad light. And I’m sure Destination America pays for the traps and the producers probably hired someone to design them 😉

      1. I told my old lady 25 years ago, how bad fake the wrestling is. Fought every time it came on, still today, I hear her bitching at times. it is still like I reached into her chest, grabbed and removed her her heart, or like I got caught peeing in her bowl of cheerio’s. I wish ya’ll could do it for me, I’m sick of all the different inter-bred big foots, I guess they thought big foots was boring and came up with sheep-squatch, grass-squatch.. I would love for her to know this crap, I just can’t tell her. I still catch hell over the fake wrestling, and that was so many years ago, at my age now I could be on my death bed and easily in my mind, hear her hollering how I destroyed her everything busting the bubble she lived in. I really hate for her to keep believe this crap. Our land borders a swamp like wildlife management area, shell ask me about how good it is that “we” both know there’s bigfoots around. We gotta Kawasaki brute force 4 wheeler, so to keep the peace I’ll stop real quick, then stand up even faster, point one way and try to seem to be really genuine when I say,” did you see him this time.I hate to lie to her, I have the nerve to tell her, but damned ya’ll might understand why I just don’t see what it hurts for to live this way. You had experienced her for a year of life after the wrestling revelation, B Sweet

    2. So True, B.C George. This is the worst acting I have seen since the last GOP Debate!! The saddest part is that these guys “trap-making” skills come directly from Wile E. Coyote and RoadRunner Cartoons!!!

      This is an Intellectual Insult to anyone with half a brain!! I am from West Virginia originally. And, this show paints the state and it’s population as blundering imbeciles. Very sad.

    3. lol, I could tell you lived in WV as soon as you started defending it against stereotypes. That seems to be an obsession and a lot of state laws and agendas are even created just for that reason. But yes, lots of monsters in the capital and statewide also. Never known a more controlling state. The people do however make up wild myths but unfortunately they are about people or businesses who do crazy stuff like work or dare to not depend on government.

  6. I just recently stumbled across this show. I first took it seriously and thought it was pretty well done. Then 5 minutes later I realized what I was watching.
    Having said that, I found it strangely addictive. I have watched about 15 episodes so far and take it for what it is…pure entertainment. And entertaining it is!
    Kind of the “Hillbilly A Team”. The guys have big personalities for sure. I have a blast watching them now, after realizing it is total BS.

    1. It is definitely entertaining, and the boys have great big personalities! And yeah, once you realize what the show is (and isn’t), it can be a lot of fun.

  7. All 5 of them, armed with rifles, walking towards their prey, the cameraman right behind them, recording the action. Suddenly, a loud noise comes FROM BEHIND!!! The men turn and point their guns. The cameraman, who now has 5 guns pointed at his head, doesn’t flinch, doesn’t even turn around to see what made the horrendous noise. Real or fake? Case closed.

    1. It isn’t any more fake than all those other so called reality shows on TV but this show is fun fun fun…I love the characters. And thinking that all West Virginia residents are like that any body with any sense knows it is show business. Look at Big Brother and those survivor shows. A camera man is following right along behind them also and people watch.

  8. I’m pretty sure to be a successful hunter stealth , not running through woods telling your buddy you are as “nervous as a prostitute in church” Pretty sure hunting with flashlights are silly too.

    1. Can you even imagine for a moment being a hunter, running, driving, yelling and screaming through the woods as you attempt to “capture” your prey? You’d scare anything away that was in ear shot! These clowns are so foolish in their actions that they are just shy of being totally ridiculous!

  9. Closed minded people are the cause of this countries down fall. People take medicine and believe it works. They watch sports all sports and think it is real. The last thing is the news people tell people stories and most swallow hook,line and sinker. What is real and what is fake? I do not discount anything fake or real because anything is possible.

  10. I watch Finding Bigfoot which seems to me to be the best as far as being real. Having a skeptic on board helps too as she really discounts about everything. As far as Mountain Monsters, I know the show is fake and once you know it is fake, then watch it for entertainment. It really is good. Just know it is pure fiction. Once you know that, just sit back and enjoy it. These men are funny and I love to see the Marine the most because he is so funny.

  11. I just came across this show an hour ago, and was watching the episode where they *found* the burial site, and all the whistling and infrared scared them off, and I was calling rubbish the whole time. First, if they could so easily find a nest, so could others. Second, I could swear that some of that whistling sounds like moose or elk calls, or some other real animal noises. I just thought it was so blatantly obvious that this could not be real. Five nights or so, and they pegged a whole bunch of them? Not realistic.

    But I’ll admit I was one of those people who googled to make absolute certain that it was bogus. It helps to know I’m not the only one to be so skeptical.

  12. I love the show yeah it may be fake but , I know one thing the crew and the production team go out in the woods and they really never know what they can come across so for that o thank them know matter what I will watch you guys can’t wait for the new season again thank you .

  13. I can’t help but find it hilarious that this show -which purports to be real but isn’t– gets renewed again and again while “Lost Tapes,” a much better and more succinct 30 minutes show -which let the viewer know it was fake and staged– finally got cancelled. I guess TV viewers enjoy being lied to.

  14. If they have photographs of it and no one knows the species it is a mountain monster so if you say this is fake then its like saying god is fake so don’t dieny it until you have come face to face with something you do not understand there are creuctures that we do not understand and people fear the unknown so you believe it fake I believe it’s real it my apinyn but trust me people have reported strange shit but I believe there are things out there we do not understand yet so don’t hate just know that one day you will see so thing you can’t explain with normal explanation

    1. I am not saying there are not animals out there that we haven’t discovered yet. I’m saying this show is as fake as they come. Their “evidence” is terrible, and everything looks fake. Also, how do you explain the fact that actua wildlife biologists cannot find these animals, but these yahoos seem to capture a creature every week? It’s because it’s fake.

      1. These so called Yahoos seem to capture a creature every week?
        If you actually watched the show, you would see that they do not catch the creature. It is all video evidence. Yes they build traps, and plan a way to lure the animal in the trap but they have not captured one single animal in my 3 seasons of watching.
        I am just saying that they don’t capture them, and some episodes may be fake, its weird on some episodes, but with video evidence, (would could be faked) you can’t deny it.
        Not saying that every episode they capture good evidence, but I am one to watch it for entertainment, not to watch how bad a show is, or point out flaws that a show does. That is what critics are for. I am not a critic, and unless you are, (Seems to me you are) don’t criticize a show that is put on the air for entertainment purposes. Why don’t you watch reality tv? That’s all real right? Not everything can be real, but you can’t say something is real or fake, unless you experience it yourselves. No show is going to be 100% real. That’s the whole purpose of production , they take months, years to plan the shows, and like news, read off signs. If you going to criticize anyone, it should be the whole entertainment company. Especially if you let your son watch these shows, and the real question. Is your son really smart, or being told stuff so he believes. Let your son think for himself, and don’t put ideas in his head, because (Not saying you did/ didn’t) if you did, you should tell him the whole entertainment company and shows are fake. Just saying. Happy Trails.

        1. My son came to the “fake” conclusion all on his own. That was sort of the point of my article, that even a 7-year old could see that this show was poorly faked. At least other shows that are faked put in some effort to look like they are not LOL

    2. OK Zachary I’m praying like hell English isn’t your first language because damn, there isn’t one bit of punctuation in your comment . Hey, on the other hand, only three spelling mistakes.

  15. Ok…so my husband and I watch the paranormal shows that frequent the cable channels. A few thoughts about the different shows…First Mountain Monsters. Obviously fake. I am not a hunter but even I know that you should be quiet when on the hunt. My husband on the other hand thinks its real. This is coming from a man that is the most logical person I know. He believes all the stories and footage that they show without question. Secondly, I have a few issues with Finding Bigfoot. The most irritating thing about this show is that they say “Bigfoots.” Why can’t they just say sasquatches when talking in the plural? Is that so hard to ask? (I’m a teacher) So saying “Bigfoots” is like nails on a chalkboard for me. I think that the Finding Bigfoot team does hold a bit more credibility because they do have a skeptic on their team…That being said I don’t understand how they think every knock or noise they hear at night is a bigfoot howl or knock. On a side note Mr. Moneymaker needs a haircut!!

    1. All of the shows have their issues, and are based on gaining the most viewers to generadte ad revenue, plain and simple. But Mountain Monsters really takes the cake.

  16. I don’t believe it’s fake show , it might be entertainment but why don’t you guys try going out there with the rednecks and hunting so shut up and I love this show and they have physical edivence and unlike other shows

  17. They have used the weapons in episodes before. We all know tv shows are recreated it’s just common knowledge. You talk of these sterotypes but calling people “bearded hillbillies” furthers the ignorance of sterotypes. You use a lot of words but i made my point with only a few. Wanting to complain about something and having to bring all these reasons as to why you’re watching just to do it is truly comical.

  18. It clearly states that this show is for “ENTERTAINMENT! Egads people lighten up it is hilarious I must watch it everyday for my daily laughs, especially Wild Bill Hooo Rahhhhh

    Anyone who takes this show seriously better check themselves!

  19. Any Television network wants ratings, so they do a fictional story like a bunch of rednecks with rifles chasing creatures that are actors in a hairy costume. I do not believe in ghosts, allens from outer space or ghosts, but it does not hurt to create a show. I am a skeptic .

  20. I mean i love these men. They are so silly. They are all hansome and strong. Im weak and i know they would protect me. One time a monster stung me and i know if these silly men would of been there i would not have been stung like that. Ouch. I named my snail trapper because my favorite monster man is named trapper. Plus i have a trapper keeper for my school work.

  21. Hey I’m in the UK I just watched the second series of mountain monsters. on the first series I did think it was real how great the show was. Excited second series comes along and then I realised how fake this is every episode there’s something going on and if any of you guys remember destination truth with gosh gates there would be episode where they go and investigate he would come back with nothing and say it’s just a myth where story’s would be passed on and on and if you watch finding Bigfoot there would be episode where they don’t even get anything

  22. I’ve just watched the ‘telepathic’ Bigfoot episode & almost died laughing. By far & away the funniest thing on TV.

  23. Its better than watching 4people barking and hitting trees in a green light. I noticed the young one pump his pump action shotgun twice without it expelling a shell.

  24. This show comes from the Southern traditions of tall tales and grotesquerie and people who find those a little…”touched in the head”…interesting.

    Yes, it’s full-blown hooey, but we know it’s hooey from the time we read the disclaimer that says no animals were actually hunted in the course of each episode. Still better than the Kardashians.

  25. Yes, it’s so fake. If all this possible evidence that they have found, including the mouth and saliva samples from Big Foot eaten apples, hair samples, footprints, pictures, and videos of these creature were real, then National Geographic would pounce on this like flies on…well Big Foot scat. Also, if the grave sites and marking were found, as shown in one of the episodes, then this would be the next big find in the history of the world. Yes, it’s all fake, but I like to watch the show because I like to see the locations of my native state. And, we are all not illiterate hillbillies…there are some though, I can tell you that. I cannot believe that a 7 to 9 foot tall ape-like man can stay hidden for hundreds of years with out any real evidence. At some point someone should have hit one of these creatures with their car. So, is Big Foot hunting mass hysteria? There are a lot of people who claim to have seen a Big Foot. Can they all be off their rocker…nuts? Somewhere in all of this is some logic however little it may be. Like with UFO sightings…what’s up with this. Thousand upon thousand claim to have seen them, so they all can’t be crazy. Who knows! This show is so so fake that it has become a paranormal soap opera.

  26. The biggest giveaway to me is all the yelling. I have gone hunting with both my real dad and stepdad and the first thing taught to me was gun safety followed by stealth. These idiots frequently have guns pointed 5 different directions (its a wonder they haven’t blown each other’s heads off) while yelling at the top of their lungs.

  27. Agreed on all accounts. This show is so bad its awesome. I love how no matter what it is, its a “critter” I giggle every time. And of course no matter the elaborate trap they always miss the creature by a few feet. I watch most of these paranormal shows and Finding Bigfoot is amongst the best because not every episode has any evidence but the local stories folklore background makes it worth it not to mention how they all interact. and MM supposedly comes across all this evidence but never takes it – no molds are taken, no scientists. If cryptids were really that close to getting filmed it would be every expert out there with them. Its wildly entertaining though I get the biggest kick out of them but I can’t believe DA still shows them and its going into their 4th season now

  28. I think the show is great and I have always believed in these things cause I have seen strange things in both Michigan and Florida.

  29. I don’t know why they waste their time building traps, they never catch anything. I saw one show where they were after a huge wild hog but when they captured it the hog wasn’t as big and wild as the picture they showed. And why is it when they say they see bigfoot or any other creature the camera men always keep their cameras on the team instead of out towards the woods where they claim they saw something. That proves to me its fake or they would want to show what the guys are looking at. I’m just saying if something is out there wouldn’t destination America network want to be the first to get something on film for proof.

  30. The lack of respect for a bigfoots intelligence in the simplicity of their electrified trap is beyond ignorant. I like the show but I don’t think these guys are the sharpest thorns on the cactus by any stretch of the imagination.

  31. My husband loves this show just for pure entertainment ~ and I’m just usually in the same room on my laptop, so I can’t help but listen, but he laughed one time and said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if once they say “cut” after filming an episode, if all of these guys have British accents?

  32. This show isn’t any more fake than all the other “reality shows” about the races, the paradise island. But this one is more entertaining. I love these guys just because they are hookey. I’d rather watch them then The Amazing Race.

  33. This review was spot on and had me laughing hysterically as how well you said everything I thought. I’m watching it again as we speak. scooby doos gang including the talking dog are smarter and more believable than this crew.and yet I can’t look away…

  34. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your review of the show! I just saw Mountain Monsters this evening and was appalled, yet entertained. It is almost as if they are little boys videoing themselves doing some make-believe adventures in the woods. is aired on television. I still am unsure on whether these guys are being real and actually believe or if they are acting.

  35. To waste a channel for 2-8 hours is a waste of a persons time, put something real on like someone who is really looking for evidence of Big Foot, and I don’t mean, someone going to different states an screaming in the middle of the night, and knocking trees with sticks. Do a documentary or something in the middle, but this Mountain Monsters have got to go !

  36. It irritates me that I’m one of the millions of ppl that watch this show or DVR it wkly… everything about this show screams I’m a DA!! They’re always gonna catch’em a Bigfoot.. but the first sign of a track..broken limb.. nest or a growl Trapper is telling the crew “we better back out of here” WTH!! On a show last season they (the crew) were really upset over ppl watching the show were calling them fakes…and now on a more recent show (Jan’16) another group of hunters that are tailing these goons shoots… kills.. and loads their Squatch on a trailer and hauls him off. Only after the other crew start driving off do they take off after them.. then seconds later have a big ol’ laugh!! So now I’m waiting on the Bigfoot thieves to cash in their millions to and turn this creature over to science… Right??? Oh wait…. I’ll bet it turns into a government cover up; (((….guess we’ll all have to get out and catch our own Squatch if we want to know for sure. The best show I’ve seen on” Bigfoots” (I know the teacher will love that) is the survivor man episodes. I’m not saying there is nothing out there because I’ve seen something I can’t explain and it stopped me from hunting for yrs but then again how can you be so lucky as to be a Bigfoot hunter and get attacked by the creature everytime you step foot in the woods hunting him!! They must be rolling in the $$$ because they now advertise this show as the #1watched show on cable TV. I would love to hear what the finding Bigfoot crew…Dr Meldrum or Les Stroud has to say about the mountain monsters show… I’m sure they are begging Trapper and Buck to take them out on an excursion get roughed up by a Squatch!!

  37. They have finally managed to jump the shark, turn the boat around and jump it again with the lightning man and the cursed/blessed thunder axe. When you go that far over the top, all semblance of “reality” in your reality show is spent. Anyway, bigfoot should never be lumped in with the paranormal. It either exists as a natural world animal that has not yet been caught and proven, or it doesn’t. Since the bigfoot hunters all see it as a simply a fascinating cryptid that exists in the natural world, it is NOT paranormal. Just like that prehistoric fish that was found to still be alive not too many years back – that wasn’t and isn’t paranormal either. Lumping cryptids in with ghosts only muddies the water, muddies people’s perceptions of the subject and muddies their thinking as well.

  38. Mountain Monsters is Fun, I’m a granfather and find it “ENTERTAINING.” I don’t feel any guilt letting my grandchildren watch the AIMS team and that isn’t so easy anymore. What’s wrong with that ? Not a thing. Of course it’s fake and yes, a seven year old can figure that out. I saw an episode where ole Bigfoot was in a cave with a campfire going. The boys just wrote it off and said ” He’s evolved.” If you don’t find it a lot of fun, pass. They seem to have a devoted audience and that’s why it keeps getting renewed.

  39. Let’s see, the latest episode, the ammo can is modern, and the “cabin” has particle board walls. Neither is 100 years old. They need better story writers, and property masters.

  40. thank you, I just saw the show and was “Um HELLO?” I am told there is a small disclaimer at the end. Problem is, for real Bigfoot groups, that spend years investigating one location and need permission from land owners to investigate their property (unlike the Monster guys who seem to just wander around at will), this show has made their job harder. It is rather a whole show of Bobo, the most popular member of the “Finding Bigfoot” crew. Being a member of our local group, the “No you can’t put up a trail camera” and “No you can’t come and do an investigation” is becoming MORE of an issues as people rightly assume we’ll be howling and as Bobo once did playing loud whale sounds, and using strobe lights. We get the show is faked, but it also perpetuates many stereotypes. One is that Bigfoot hunters are environmentally disruptive and just plain old dumb. The Bigfoot community needs to demand more, not just worship these guys are conventions and such. Even “Finding Bigfoot” can’t do a true investigation without losing viewership, and people need to be more open such as you are (THANK YOU) that reality TV is not the best basis for how any paranormal investigation is done.

  41. This show is no fake I lives in the area and knows all of these big foots is real. I have seen them with my own eyes. If you don’t think it’s real don’t watch.

  42. The funniest thing about this show is: how kenny is to southpark Willie is to this show. Every episode he falls down gets dragged away slips or something ridiculous happens
    He was repelling down an “icy” cliff side and they hyped it to be like 30 feet high seconds later a camera cut to Willie screaming “Ahh!” and a plop sound can be heard with Wild Bill screaming out to Wille as if he Careened off a mountainside to his death.

  43. If this is a number one show, may the lord have mercy on us. This has got to be the sorriest show or what ever they call it. As for these so call actors, what a joke. To let them have a gun in their hands I find very laughable. My eight year old grand daughter acts more responsible with a rifle or handguns. This is a very disappointing show that destination America has on the channel. I know there has to be something much better out there that you can replace this with. Whatever happen to some thing to watch that the ” actors” can at least look half way clean and with at least 1/2 ounce of brain matter.

  44. My favorite show is when 2 guys were in the barn with a camera man and one guy was outside with a camera man and bigfoot ran out and over the guy outside and no one captured footy on camera lmfao these are the worst camera operators on the planet lol oh did i mention the fake blood bwahahaha too funny man.

  45. I used to think this show was fake. Then last weekend I happened to be in one of the counties where they had previously conducted some research. I talked to a couple of the locals, one of whom showed me a video of a bigfoot that had been creepin’ around his shed. That son-of-a-bitch must of been at least 8 or 9 foot tall! Later, I talked to another man who played an audio recording of several different creatures howling outside his barn one night. This mean there was DEFINATELY at least 2 of these things out there–if not more! I’ve decided the best for me to find out more will be to conduct a night investigation this Tuesday night. I’m determined to get that son-of-a-bitch one and for all!

    I’ll send an update later this week.

  46. I tried, twice to watch this show, I can’t believe its been on for what? four years? It’s just awful. These dudes run around making so much noise and yelling they could wake the dead. I haven’t seen one professional ” tracking, Hunting, Calling” thing going on. All I can say is,,,,” Well at least they got jobs, even if its crap”. Seriously after Destination Truth and other credible shows this is a joke. I have a good sense of humor, but this is not even entertaining.

  47. Okay so how can you find anything yelling and screaming the way they do? I am surprised that anything stays in the woods after all the screaming lol

  48. It’s funny you mentioned the ammo can I thought the same thing so I paused the show and checked. The ammo can is an n463 it has a first packed date of 1974 right on the front. That’s the date the military packed it so maybe someone could have gotten it a couple years later but no sooner than 1974. So that can is no older than 42 years or so. I like the show but it’s just entertainment.

  49. I understand that the show has some bad clips as some would put it, it’s still entertaining to watch even if it may not be real (not saying the legends aren’t real or anything). I also understand you disliking it but still, give them some credit for trying to capture the attention of people interested. I really believe this show makes people question the exisitence of myths and legends which, in anyone’s case, is usually never a bad thing. I also get you have an opinion but to say “this program is an all-out assault…” is a lot coming from someone who doesn’t have a TV show, let alone try to create one that gets more hits and views. Maybe, instead of using that line in particular, just take it out completely and actually give some credit for them trying. I’m also sorry if I came out negative, I wasn’t trying or going for that at all in, all honesty.

    1. Why would I give anyone credit for making a terrible TV show and outright lying to their audience? And why is my opinion any less valid if I don’t have a TV show? I’ve been on TV before, numerous times. I never would appear on a show as harmful to the public opinion of Bigfoot as this show.

  50. This show is NOT FAKE I watch the show and I hate how people like you just watch it once and say it’s fake because it’s not you can see the fear in bucks eyes when they had to go back to the red shed (if you watch the show you should know what I am talking about unless you have not seen it) buck is not and actor also if it’s fake then why is the government trying to shut it down? If you seen the new episodes you should know that people are following them and it has to be the government because why would they want a dead Bigfoot body?!? ( in an old episode people killed a Bigfoot the stonish giant and dragged it away) why would they want it? It’s because there trying to scare the Montain moster people so they will stop looking for Bigfoot! The government does not want people to know that things like bigfoots and hell hounds are real. Also in the new episode the people who follow them have photos and things about these Montain monster men that no one knows about them so if you still think it’s fake find a away to watch all of the episodes and look into there eyes when stuff gets scary look into bucks eyes when they go after the Cherokee devil he’s not faking it. I do think that this show is real so if you don’t think it is then prove it.

    1. I’ve watched numerous episodes of the show. It’s fake. It’s called acting. It’s amazing how well people can act when a nice paycheck is involved.

  51. I agree the show is fake but they’re acting is so good and I watch it to see purely if they ever will actually catch a fucking bigfoot lol, but I watch every saturday, even though its fake, just to see what they do and the latest episodes about the C Quad rogue team coming back is just to good of a plot twist, Im actually a really big fan of this show, they make me laugh every episode and its interesting, usually fake shows annoy me but Mountain Monsters has that special connection to the people in the show that makes me wanna stay, fake or not Ill always be a fan.

  52. I like the show, something that I can watch with my grandchildren without sex and murder. We never miss an episode. I go to sleep with an episode every night.

  53. Let me tell y’all something, have some respect, call them hillbillies again and you got something coming, they bust they’re butts to do something you’re too lazy to do, ok. So shut up, and enjoy the show that’s REAL!!!!

    1. If a cable TV channel paid me to fake evidence, I’d…well, I’d never do a TV show that was fake like this one is.

  54. I can’t quit laughing at these people actually believing this ridiculous show is anything but fiction and are trying to defend it. My boyfriend likes the show but he also likes wrestling which doesn’t even claim to be real. I don’t like the mountain monster show I just can’t seem to get into something I know is fake but I watch the stupid show because my boyfriend likes it, to me it’s a waste of time and to be honest I get aggravated by watching them when I can plainly tell they are lying. If they want people to actually believe the BS they should have hired better actors. I can’t believe this show has been on for as long as it has and people really believe it’s real.

    1. Comparing it to pro wrestling is a perfect analogy, April! Most people with half a brain know it’s fake, but there are certain people who will always insist it is real, no matter how much evidence to the contrary is out there.

  55. The last episode that I watched is where they were followed by the rogue team and hid behind a shed , if they had a tracking device on the truck , the other team knew where they were.

  56. And when Buck asked where did the other team get their name’s , maybe the same way I did . by pauseing the credits at the end and writing their names down.

  57. You know what, you people don’t have to be so mean! I think Bigfoot is real. You also don’t have to make fun of there nicknames or THEM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! 😠

  58. U know like a lot of people have said already so what if it’s fake it’s funny who’s to say If Bigfoot is real but what gets me is what ever crazy thing they say there going after they always have run ins with whatever it is that week but never shoot or throw a rock or even spit at it iam waiting for them to actually run into a pissed off bear but whatever it’s still entertaining

  59. The show is real. The team has been around since 2006. The camera men don’t always point the camera at what they see because the government knows bigot is real, and won’t let them put it on t.v. Stop calling them hillbilys because you would not like it if they were calling ya’ll all names. If you go on YouTube and search, trapers interview, or something like that you can see that the show is real. They do more hunts than just the ones on t.v. They go like every other week but are always having interviews with witnesses. They actually sleep out on the night hunts but the show cuts that out. If you still don’t believe that the show is real then do your own research on them like i did. Or find out a way to contact them yourself. Once agency the show IS REAL

  60. They all yell alot because they try to push it to the trap. They have alot of evidence its just the show don’t show it. but its on YouTube and its real

  61. The government is trying to stop the show and that’s who is chasing them around. Just like, I have a clue said. Just look it all up. If you watch all of the episodes like me and, I have a clue then you will know its real. If you still don’t believe then just stop talking about the show. Just give them some respect for what they do. They get hurt just to find out if the the animal is real and if it is dangerous TO KEEP US safe. I believe in bigfoot. And do you wanna know why? Its cause i have seen home with my 2 eyes. I will not tell were so that the government does not go to that area and shoot them down from helicopters. Cause i would like to see him and get him on video to prove to my family he is real and that Im not crazy. The only other ones that believe in him are my grandpa and some of my friends. And trust me it takes alot of guts to go out to the same spot in the woods that you had your encounter with bigfoot. So give the A.M.I.S. team some credit for doing what they do cause i know any of you trash talking yuppies can’t do what they do so just shut up for once and trash talk something else. Just not duck Dynasty. And once agency THE SHOW IS REAL. So just get it through ya’lls little heads.

  62. I have been watching this show for a while, and completely enjoy it. I do think it is a shame that shows like this make those who truely believe look like idiots. Yes, I think there are things we haven’t captured/killed, that exsist despite not having hard core evidence. There are far too many animals found each year that were previously undiscovered. With that being said, unlike Bigfoot or the chupacabra, I think sheepsquatch and some of the other “monsters” these men chase after are as fake as this show. Yes, chase, not hunt or stalk, but chase yelling and hollering. Like another viewer mentioned. It tickles me that given the fact that there is always tons of evidence, they run into these creatures in the field yet the cameraman always happens to be looking the wrong way. With as much money as these men appear to have none of them wear go-pro’s to catch footage. The other funny thing is the fact that they do get footage just about every time, I have seen after shows for other animal documentaries for known elusive animals, snow leopard. Where the camera man waits for days/weeks to get footage. But magically in the two or three days these guys are on location, they get footprints, have run-ins with the creature, or get it on their camera traps despite the fact they are elusive animals and they have been yelling and making a racket.

  63. really I can’t understand why there is discussion or even the article for that matter, of course it’s fake.
    Out of as much respect that I can offer I would say that it is mainly an acting out or embellishment of scary campfire stories and old wives tales.

    1. Read the article again, and the title. Not debating whether it’s fake or not, just discussing how terribly fake it is, and the fact that some people still believe it’s real.

  64. Come on people, lighten the hell up. Of course the show is fake, but it’s still fun to watch. Even my son, who never had any interest in paranormal things, admits the show is entertaining and the actors are very personable, and likeable. And it beats the same old tired doctor/ lawyer/ police dramas. Those kind of shows are getting as stale as westerns were in the 50s and 60s.

  65. Mountain monsters is the most retarded and silly show since finding bigfoot…omg….these hillbillies looking for sheepsqautch and the werewolf of wolf county and the ohio grassman. You cant get more stupid..buck is a fat ass. One looks like santa clause…wild bill is retarded. Jesus help me….im done

  66. After watching an episode each of Mountan monsters and Alaskan Monsters – I can’t believe the poor weapons handling and bush craft.
    Having spent time with Australian army if I walked infront of the barrel of loaded weapon or let mine point at a member of my section I would get my as kicked or worse. They bunch up and make more noise than a freight train no wonder they find nothing and catch nothing.
    Ps – I don’t think it reflects badly on USA or their state I’m sure you have plenty of fine people and bushmen there just they are not one of them. It’s just entertainment however wish they wouldn’t dress it up as fact.

  67. What ever happened 2 Claude Henry Smoot. In March of 2016 He promised he was going to spend a Tuesday night investigating on his own and update us on his findings at the end of the week. It is now November and he has never been heard from again.

  68. OK, first off, this is terribly made and I agree with you and your 7 year old on how fake it is. Here are some clues that it is fake, especially to those who believe that there are some creatures out there, that we haven’t discovered and that Trapper, Buck and the hillbilly crew are going to capture and save us from.
    1. Their clothes are too clean and look new. Overalls are brand-new denim and not worn. Flannels are pressed and not faded or torn. Hats are clean and bright. Bandanas are ,well you get the idea.
    2. Well groomed beards, clean hands and face; but they’re missing teeth? Hmm…
    3. Camera positions are way off.
    4. Too many silly things to list…. so I’m done.
    But wait, remember when the “hellhound” knocked that guy down in the corn maze? He said he felt like he got tackled by a linebacker! Heeheehee! No injuries and no one got it on video? It’s definitely, for entertainment only. Silly show

  69. I hope the Tsul ‘Kalu didn’t get him. Maybe we should ask the mountain monster guys to look for him.

    Seriously I’m having a weird day. For some reason the TV Guide has been wrong all day long. I was settled in to watch the long-anticipated 100 hour lockdown at the black Monk house only to find some show called Mountain Monsters being aired instead. I was immediately drawn in by the groups enthusiasm and pitiful hunting techniques. I found it very entertaining enough Sol that I Googled it and came across this article.

    You know why I think the show is fake, because in my 50-plus years on this planet, I have never been able to locate the thing that I’m looking for when I am looking for it. How many times have you lost your keys your glasses your glass of soda Etc only to find it after you stop looking for it? How many times have you gone to the store for one specific thing and you couldn’t find it? I’ve even discovered the love of my life only after I stopped searching for him. Much the same way I found Jesus when I stopped looking for him.

    These guys find everything that they’re looking for exactly when they’re looking for it…amazing. But as far as the entertainment value is concerned this show is a riot and I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my day watching it.

    In all seriousness though what happened to Claude Henry Smoot? Maybe I should go to Appalachia and not look for him?

  70. werewolf episode 23.13 that a bear not a werewolf this show is so dumb its full of pensioners high on moonshine pfffft, im from uk and go hunting we dont use huge eqiupment to dig a hole, or run around the woods shouting and whooping or with headtorches so bright they would probably blind anything in a 5 mile radius, this is so dumb its not even funny well it is funny as entertainment purposes only, but seriously how many blood sucking, scaly, hogzilla,mothmen,time travelling elves are there in west virginia, trapper the leader says he found a nest in one show a nest ? are they after a BIGFOOT or BIGBIRD.

  71. I can prove its fake. I live in Wolfe county, Ky where the supposed Wolfe man is. I’ve been there all of my life, and I’ve never heard of the creature. The “locals” they interviewed in Hazel Green, no one knows them. Heck, the episode wasn’t even filmed in Ky, it was filmed in WV. Ask me anything you want.

  72. This is a gem of a show and I find it very entertaining. It plays the ramshackle, hillbilly stereo type to the limit, but is as fake as the panes of glass that stuntmen dive through. These shows are usually shot with one camera so watch for the multiple angles, the scenes are reshot to get the other angle (something to watch out for in all “documentaries”). I find it a bit of genuine escapism that appeals to the seven year old in me and I will be genuinely sad when they run out of stories -as they seem to be doing- a bit of fun whilst it lasts.

  73. Thank you for this article! I’ve just read it for the 3rd or 4th time … and have years running down my face again! Hysterical! My husband and I watch this show now and then just for a good laugh. In one episode, we saw a wire (that was meant to remain unseen) that had been put in place to pull an fake animal part down from the rafters in a shed. You could actually see the wire! Love it!

  74. Thank you for this article! I’ve just read it for the 3rd or 4th time … and have years running down my face again! Hysterical! My husband and I watch this show now and then just for a good laugh. In one episode, we saw a wire (that was meant to remain unseen) that had been put in place to pull an fake animal part down from the rafters in a shed. You could actually see the wire! Love it!

  75. Well people, we have a new stupid gauge as crap one. KILLING BIGFOOT. It’s like 2 hillbilly iq Points up from mountain monsters. You have to see it. Armed to the teeth hanging out in camo at night when a tree Bigfoot straddles one of them. Lol.

  76. Love that “Sumabitch” they keep saying. Yep it’s fake, and I like the big boys turning sissy when they supposedly find a creature! Marine and Army veterans jumping in their side by side runnin, but the road is always right there! The woods are clean and easy to walk, kind of like a back yard needing mowed. All in all this Ohioan laughs hard even as they fun with Ohio lookin for the “Grass man”.

  77. omg its so fake i have lived in the hills all my life i hunt sang and other roots . i hunt day or night depending on what game i am after. after 67 yrs on this earth i can tell you the only monster you will find in the hills is a damm meth lab.yes i do call the police . never seen any other monster. and what bad actors they the fat one everyone knows he dont walk enough much less run up and down hills at night chaseing monsters. that desthd channel most of there shows are fake.and we dont look like that we dont dress like that
    and that guy says hes retired marine he should keep his mouth shut he gives the marines a bad name he may have really been in the salvaction arm

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