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Whether you are new here or a regular reader of The Occult Section, you’ve no doubt noticed our horrifically brightly colored “Writers Wanted” sign in the sidebar over there to your right. We have some very talented writers here at The Occult Section, but we’re looking to add a few more regular writers to our staff.

We cover such topics as ghosts, paranormal investigations, UFOs, cryptozoology, myths & legends, and any other unexplained phenomena. We have a good sense of humor and are not afraid to be sarcastic when it’s called for. We are looking for talented writers with a passion for the paranormal to contribute to the blog. We are looking for all kinds of writing, including:

  • Theme columns (weekly, biweekly, monthly)
  • Field investigations
  • Articles
  • TV Show & Documentary reviews (Ghost Hunters, Finding Bigfoot, Ghost Adventures, Celebrity Ghost Stories, UFO Hunters, MonsterQuestParanormal Witness, etc.)
  • Book reviews
  • Personal experiences

If you have another idea, we are always open to suggestions as well. We currently average over 20,000 hits per month, so this is a great way to get your work seen and read as well as get involved in something that you’re passionate about. Want to talk about why you love Finding Bigfoot? Share your thoughts on the impact of Grant Wilson leaving TAPS and Ghost Hunters? This is the place to do it.

To apply, send an e-mail introducing yourself and describing what kind of column you’d like to write, and attach a sample of your writing in MS Word or PDF format to Jason@theoccultsection.com. You must be able to submit your columns on a regular basis! We will contact you if you are chosen to be a regular contributor to the site. Good luck!

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One thought on “Writers Wanted – Paranormal, Supernatural & Unexplained

  1. I could probably put together a biweekly, or monthly, column on the experiences of my family, as well as some other paranormal phenomenon ( you name it and I have studied it). I’ll give you a very basic snippet of what I am talking about with my family’s experiences.
    On June 11th, 1974 my father, his brothers Dick and Tom, were given a warning to get out of the house they were living in, in 3 days. The warning was received during a blackout, because of a thunderstorm, the television they had in the living room turned on. On the screen was a misty female face that spoke in a very hushed voice and told them to be out by 5:43 pm on Thursday. The figure repeated this warning 5 times and looked in to my uncle Tom’s eyes at least once during the warning. They were sufficiently freaked out to pack there stuff starting right then. They finished packing and moving everything out by 4 pm Thursday. They decided to see what would happen at 5:43. At 5:43 nothing happened and they breathed a collective sigh of relief, for about 30 seconds until a car that was speeding jumped the curb and drove right through the house. making it fall in all the way to the foundation.
    Now mind you there is a lot more expository detail to this story, as I said this is just a snippet of the whole story. My extended family has dealt with paranormal phenomenon for at least 250 years. My great-great-great grandma’s journals have some amazing and creepy information from her time as a death watcher( I honestly have no other words to describe her job at the time she literally watched over the dying and the recently deceased the night before their wake and funeral). If you are interested let me know by leaving a follow up comment and I’ll respond as soon as I see it.

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