Woman Shoots Ghost Hunters with BB Gun

We’ve done stories before about residents with too many firearms much time on their hands, and how they will sometimes turn that against ghost hunters or kids just out to investigate a local urban legend. I’m not sure how teenagers taking picture of a public tunnel near this woman’s home is such a bother to her, and I really don’t see why she felt the need to take a BB gun with her and fire on the kids, especially if they were leaving. But there you have it…

Brandi Lea Amey is accused of shooting ghost hunters near her home with a Red Rider BB gun.
Brandi Lea Amey and Ralphie from “A Christmas Story.” Both are big fans of Red Rider BB guns, blonde hair and glasses.

KINGSPORT — A Hawkins County woman who allegedly fired a BB gun at a vehicle full of youths who stopped near her home to look at a “haunted” tunnel Thursday has been charged with five counts of aggravated assault.

Brandi Lea Amey, 28, who lives 737 Big Elm Road just north of Allandale, was arraigned Monday in Hawkins County Session Court.

According to a report filed by HCSO Deputy Michael Lipe, shortly before 11 p.m. Thursday Jessica Winstead, 20, of Johnson City, and four juvenile friends, stopped a railroad tunnel off of Big Elm Road near Amey’s home.

A male juvenile was outside the vehicle taking pictures of the tunnel, which like the nearby Sensabaugh Hollow Road railroad tunnel, is supposed to be haunted according to local legend.

“Jessica stated that a female with blond hair (later identified as Amey) came out from the residence next to the tunnel and told them they needed to leave,” Lipe said. “As the male was getting back into the vehicle they observed some type of firearm in (Amey’s) hand. Jessica said she saw the female cocking the firearm, and as they drove off she (Amey) fired it at them, striking the rear of the vehicle.”

Lipe stated in his report that he observed the left tail light of the vehicle to be broken.

Amey reportedly told Lipe that there was an ongoing problem with people stopping at the tunnel and causing a disturbance.

Amey stated that a male got out of the vehicle and was walking on the trails to the tunnel and she told them they needed to leave.

“Brandi stated that she had a Red Rider b.b. gun, and as the vehicle was leaving she pointed the gun and fired it at the vehicle, but she was unaware that she hit it,” Lipe stated in his report.

Amey was arrested at 1 a.m. Friday morning and released on $10,000 bond at 5:15 Friday evening. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 29.

I’d like to see this woman take a BB gun to car full of youths here in NYC. She’d be lucky if the worst thing that happened to her was some jail time and/or fines.

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2 comments on “Woman Shoots Ghost Hunters with BB Gun

  1. I wonder what she would have done if someone in the car had taken out a gun that fired ammo and started shooting back. Some of the people that I have known from NYC were tough enough that she would have been going to the hospital to get that BB gun removed from her nether regions.

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