Vanilla Ice remembers Loch Ness monster attack

Ok, this story is from like 2 weeks ago, and I can’t believe I missed it. Vanilla Ice AND the Loch Ness Monster? This is gold. It actually has nothing to do with the Loch Ness Monster, other than Mr. Ice hallucinating that he saw the elusive creature in his swimming pool.

vanilla ice, loch ness monster
This man has made more money than any of you ever will. And that is one of the scariest things that will ever be reported here at The Occult Section.

Best known for his starring role as John ‘Johnny’ Van Owen in the film ‘Cool As Ice’, as well as a bit of rapping and a Jedward collaboration, Vanilla Ice has been recalling the peak of his fame in the 90s when he went off the rails a bit.

Ice told Metro: “About eighteen years ago, I had a weekend that lasted a few days. I did the rock star thing. I was freaking out, I don’t know what my friend gave me but I piled fifteen pool loungers on top of each other and jumped off them into a swimming pool. I turned around and was convinced I saw the Loch Ness Monster behind me”.

He went on to discuss his pet kangaroo, which may or may not have been another drug story, I’m not really sure: “I’ve had him since he was a baby and now he’s five feet ten inches. He is spoiled rotten; he has his own enclosure and a female pot-bellied pig in there who is his lover. Kangaroos will hump anything. I think the pig likes it. There’s also a goat in there who he grew up with but they’re just friends.”

I know Vanilla Ice had a short run at the top, but it seems he invested his money pretty well. Into bus loads of amazing hallucinogenic drugs.

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