WikiLeaks’ UFO Cables Not What They Seem?

By now we’ve all heard about the supposed UFO “revelations” that were uncovered by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. From the get go, this had “exaggeration” and “reading too much between the lines” written all over it. Of course UFO groups and conspiracy theorists jumped all over this and were hoping this would be the Holy Grail of ufology and once and for all prove that the government has been covering up proof of extraterrestrial life. And like other similar cases of jumping to conclusions, this one appears to be another dead end, and the documents seem to talk more about UFO cults and their recruiting methods. has the story.

ufo, cover up, ufo cover up, ufo conspiracyWikileaks founder, Julian Assange, admitted today his previous claims about secret UFO cables were largely exaggerated. Two months after he stirred the hopes of UFO researchers worldwide, he is now stating the cables contain only “small passing references” to UFOs.

“I have said in passing there is information about UFOs in Cablegate,” said Assange in a statement released today. “And that is true, but these are only small passing references. Most of the material concerns UFO cults, and their behavior in recruiting people. For instance, there is quite a large cable, which we’ll try and release in the next few days, concerning the Raelians, a UFO cult which has a strong presence in Canada and was of concern to the U.S. ambassador in Canada. At that time, the Raelians claimed to have cloned an individual, and fantastically, the press all around the world ate this up and turned it into front page stories.”

” It appears the Wikileaks material deals primarily with a cult and not with classified information about the existence of UFOs,” said Craig Fergus, a ufologist based in Whittier.

Still, some in the UFO community have pinned their hopes on Assange, fervently wishing for an end to government secrecy and full disclosure of classified UFO documents. It appears that Assange is unsympathetic:

“Weirdos email us about UFOs or how they discovered that they were the anti-christ whilst talking with their ex-wife at a garden party over a pot-plant,” he said in a recent Guardian interview.

Assange has been pressured by the US government to return the cables; lawsuits and incarceration have been threatened. Is it possible Assange has now “caved in” and returned or destroyed UFO disclosure information? Is the Raelian and community criticism simply a smokescreen? What do you think?

I think most of us would love to learn that UFOs exist and have been visiting us (as long as they’re not looking to go all Independence Day on us). But that proof will apparently not be coming from Wikileaks. I also think it’s interesting how this article ends, and it’s sort of the trademark of the conspiracy theorist: even when proof doesn’t pan out, it’s because it’s being suppressed. The government asserted itself and whomever had the proof caved in. Everything is a smokescreen. So if there’s proof, there’s a conspiracy. if there’s no proof, it’s proof of a conspiracy. Crazy, huh?

One thought on “WikiLeaks’ UFO Cables Not What They Seem?

  1. I’ve gone almost full circle on UFOs. I was once a True Believer, but after reading reams of literature on the subject and really thinking it all through, I tend to now believe that most of it is bunk, including Roswell. I do suspect, however, that there’s a lot of intentional government disinformation pumped into the marketplace regarding UFOs to cover up research or whatever (i have no idea). That said, i DO believe there is something to the sightings of little gray aliens, but I don’t believe they are aliens in the traditional sense. It sounds crazy, I know, but my gut says they are some kind of metaphysical projection into our reality, higher evolved beings who intrinsically understand that time and matter are both illusions and are thus able to traverse each. They’re often described as having very large eyes- this makes sense if it’s real as the wider the pupil the more a man (or astral alien) can “take in.” Users of psychedelics know this. When they imbibe, pupils widen a great deal and their perception widens with it.

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