Ghosts are Using Mobile Phones?

I’m not sure why this Phil Hayes of Paranormal Research UK thinks that ghosts are now using cell phones to try to contact the living, but he does, according to this article over at Gaj-It:

cell phone ghost
Don't cell phones kill ghosts? According to "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," yes they do.

If you think living human beings are the only ones embracing modern technology, you are in for a surprise. Apparently, ghostsand ghouls have also gone hi-tech. Move on, Ouija board, ghosts are now using cell phones to contact their living acquaintances. According to Phil Hayes of Paranormal Research UK, mobile phones are gaining popularity among ghouls and they are using the device for at least one-third of their haunting missions.

However, the connection out there is not very good, and the calls from ghosts generally feature heavy static. The voice quality is also kind of iffy and is quite faint. Currently, ghosts are interested in maintaining their privacy and display “withheld number” as their caller id.

Tesco Mobile has also jumped into the fray and has advised its users to keep their phone cameras at highest quality resolution to capture ghost shots. Tesco has also advised the use of recorder for capturing your conversation with ghosts. We will advise our readers to inform the ghoul about the recording in advance. Just because we are talking with a spirit does not mean we have to forget our manners. And if you can’t do any of these things, then don’t feel bad. One in five Brits have already admitted they would be too terrified to do anything and would just run away.

So, let us know if you had any such spectral experience.

I’m all for exploring new means and methods for trying to investigate the paranormal. But cell phones aren’t 100% reliable for communicating with the living, much less those in the spirit world. Static, dropped calls, and the like are just part of using a cell phone, and thinking that there’s anything paranormal about such occurrences is really reaching. And flimsy as far as “evidence” is concerned.

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