David Boreanaz says new home is haunted

Sorry, David Borenaz fans: I’m about to take my wrath out him for an overall trend I’ve been noticing. Why is it that every celebrity’s home is haunted now? Granted, it gives me something to blog about – but that’s not the point. The point is, every time anyone has anything even remotely strange happen, instead of trying to find the most logical explanation (in this case, perhaps a rickety bed, weird flooring, or just confusion during the haze of sleep), people now automatically assume “Oh, my place MUST be haunted!” NO!

So here’s the article:

Every photo of Mr. Boreanaz seems to be of him in a tub. What's up with that??

Having received widespread acclaim as both a vampire in ‘Buffy’ and an FBI Special Agent in ‘Bones’ you might think David Boreanaz could be frightened by nothing. You’d be wrong; David’s convinced his new home is haunted.

The 41-year old native New Yorker and his wife, Jaime Bergman bought the modest L.A home early this summer, and they and their children – 7-year old Jaden and 1-year old Bella – moved in. And things soon began getting creepy.

“We’re not too sure,” he told Contact. “We woke up in the middle of the night and heard this big bang. It felt like the bed literally fell underneath us. My first instinct was, ‘we’re having an earthquake’… Turns out, it wasn’t a quake.

One spooky experience might be explained…but there’s more.

“Cut to two weeks later, the same thing happens,” he recalls. “It’s like something picked our bed up. So Jaime and I think ghosts are here.”

The couple say they have no immediate plans to sell the apparently haunted abode, but short of buying a bed their ghoulish guest might like better there seems no other way to get a decent night’s sleep.

And he’s an actor. We all know how vain those guys are about their appearance, and bags under the eyes don’t look good in close-up.

We’ll let you know when the Ghostbusters arrive…

What if their bed is just falling apart or damaged? They just moved..maybe the movers dropped the bed five times on the way from the truck to the bedroom? Plus – when you are sleeping and are awakened by some noise – the noise always seems much more exaggerated than it really is.  The fact of the matter is, most things people attribute to the paranormal aren’t actually paranormal, but just everyday occurrences.

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