McKenzie River Bigfoot?

There has been a lot of talk these past few days about some footage of a supposed Bigfoot captured during the filming of a fly fishing video on the McKenzie River in Central Oregon. Websites such as the BFRO and Loren Coleman’s Cryptomundo have been talking about it and analyzing it. The video, posted below, does seem to show something tall, dark and moving. You can see it between the 1:41 and 1:46 mark.

There are some interesting things to note about the video. The most apparent, to me anyway, is that this does not seem to be a hoax. This looks like a legitimate video on fishing, and the people filming it do not see the supposed Bigfoot at the time (the video was shot in 2008). So there is no witness pointing out the “Bigfoot” and screaming and saying “Oh my God!” The witnesses only saw the figure after viewing the film later.

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"Hey! I don't remember signing a release form..."

On the other hand, this video, like pretty much every supposed Bigfoot video save the Patterson-Gimlin film, doesn’t really show much of anything impressive. The camera work is shaky. The figure is far off in the distance. Not much detail can be seen. And the figure is only seen briefly.

So is it Bigfoot? I sincerely doubt it. Firstly, I feel that with any evidence of the paranormal, if there is ever any doubt, you have to throw it out. I don’t think this was a hoax. But I do think it was a misidentification. And if it’s too ambiguous, it has just as much chance of being a tree stump as it does an undiscovered primate. Secondly, our friend Javier over at Ghost Theory did a great analysis of the film, slowing it down so you can see the figure better, and see that the “movement” was really just an optical illusion.

At this point, we really need to see a film akin to the Patterson-Gimlin footage. There isn’t much that is ambiguous about that particular film. It’s either a fantastic hoax, or undisputed proof of an unknown primate living in North America. These “blobsquatch” films are interesting, but ultimately useless to any serious investigator.

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