Casting Call: MTV’s True Life – I Have a Paranormal Ability

If you aren’t tan enough to be Snooki, or skilled enough to be a Survivor, but you DO see dead people….then MTV’s True Life is looking for you! If you are desperate to become a reality TV star (if only for one episode) but your only talent is in dealing with the paranormal…then please, answer this casting call.

Casting Call Information

City: Any City

State: National

Posted On:01/25/2010
Closing On:02/12/2010
Company:MTV News & Docs

Do you have ESP or a sixth sense?  Are you clairvoyant?  Are you a medium?  Are you psychic?

True Life wants to delve into what life is like when you are blessed (or cursed) with a paranormal ability.  We want to understand the intricacies of the ability, and the emotional and social challenges that come along with having it.

I can’t wait to see what comes of this…

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