Disneyland Park Ghost Spotted: Fans think it is Walt Disney

A video has been popping up in various stories from a series of security cameras in the Disneyland Park in California. People are claiming a ghost is walking through the park, eventually walking out onto the water.

This is a video of a ‘ghost’ walking through Disneyland the back of the park including the Haunted Mansion, on the Rivers of America and in front of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Now before you scream there is no such things as ghosts unless in a costume, keep an open mind and watch the video below.

Several items seen while watching the video at Disneyland include:

  • The image is from security cameras at Disneyland.
  • You watch the ghost from four different screens so manipulation is virtually impossible.
  • The ghost actually walks through the gate at the Haunted Mansion
  • The ghost appears to walk on’ Rivers of America without falling in
  • The Ghost seems to go at a reasonable pace as someone would while walking
  • The park is desolate at the time of the taping

A lot of people seem to think this is the video of a real ghost. And I admit, after the first viewing, it’s easy to see why. It looks pretty convincing. But…do I think it’s a real ghost? No. My theory is that this is a new holographic projection that Disneyland is experimenting with (and it makes sense to try it out at night when nobody else is in the park). It is close to the Haunted Mansion, so perhaps this is a new feature of the mansion that extends beyond the building itself. You can’t tell from the video if the figure you see is two dimensional or three dimensional. Plus, it is reflecting off light sources. And there are a lot of websites out there touting their holographic projection products.

And considering that the park first used holograms in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland when the attraction opened 40 years ago in 1969 (see below photo), I think the technology now must be much, much better and much more realistic looking.


However, I also don’t think this is necessarily a hoax, as that would imply the person filiming the security cameras knew it was fake and wanted to pull a trick. But perhaps the security guard or whomever filmed it truly believed it was a ghost, because he or she most likely would not know of improvements the park was planning to make. It looks convincing, but it’s not a ghost. It does, however, look awesome. Imagine walking down that path and seeing a ghost-like figure approaching you and maybe even walking through you….COOL STUFF. 🙂

One thought on “Disneyland Park Ghost Spotted: Fans think it is Walt Disney

  1. The debunking theories that are floating out there have no more merit than if it is real. The footage is perfect, not much room to claim as a tech or lighting anomaly (trick of the light). I wonder why people are not debunking as to “viral marketing”. That holds more water to me. The stuff seen is of great detail and hard to disprove unlike other things we have seen. This stuff could only be claimed as fake due to computer generation.

    I find some debunking as irritating as those who are dead set on calling it real. One example is on youtube, look under Disneyland ghost debunked. Real desperate stuff thought up to debunk. The thing about debunking is, you have to prove it is an anomaly as much as prove it is real. This is scientific stuff, and either way it has to be proven.

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