Megan Fox is Afraid of Ghosts

The economy, health care, and Afghanistan…all important topics, but according to news searches, the fact that Megan Fox is afraid of the dark and ghosts supersedes all other stories – though it is the Halloween season so I suppose it’s okay…

September 25, 2009 (Splash News) – If you haven’t had enough of Megan Fox’ weirdness, this may tip the scale? – She is afraid of ghosts and dislikes paper.

The starlet revealed her weakness on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Thursday, September 24, dressed in a stunning pink dress.

Despite starring in scary film Jennifer’s Body she admitted she is afraid of the dark – because of ghosts.

“I have been afraid of the dark all my life,” she said. “If the light is off in a room I have to run through the room to turn it on. I can’t walk through a dark room because I’m afraid of what I can’t see.”

When host Jimmy Fallon joked that ghosts could not kill her, she said: “How do you know?”

There are so many hilarious ways I could answer that question for her, but I will just let it be!

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